Casa Decor, the trusted source for real handmade furniture.

Back in 1989, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Dennis started Casa Decor on the famous Santa Fe market, growing the business over the years, opening stores in El Paso, Riudoso, Durango, Phoenix, Boerne,  New Braunfels, and as of 2021, Weatherford TX. We are the Original Casa Decor, all others (there are some stores around) using our name, bought either their store from us (Riudoso & Phoenix) or are using our name…….. So now you know, we are the Original Casa Decor, specializing in Southwest, Hill Country, Cowboy, Texas and Mexican style furniture and interiors for your home and business. We export all over the world, furnishing hotels, restaurants, bars, vacation cabins and theme parks. 

But we are at our best serving Texas and New Mexico with ours stores in El Paso, New Braunfels and recently opened in Weatherford, Texas. We keep our stores filled to the top with our furniture and accessories.

We do custom make furniture and can advice on all your home and business interior projects, as long as it has the heart of a Casa Decor interior.

Come see us…..and check out our website and for more updates, like us on facebook: Casa Decor New Braunfels, Casa Decor El Paso and Casa Decor Weatherford.

And yes, we are open!! 7 days a week from 10 am till 6 pm.  We do offer curbside pick up and can deliver your furniture into your home.