About us at CASA DECOR.

We are a family business, with our corporate headquarter in the Dodge Ram Truck Dennis drives criss cross Texas and the Southwest States almost every week. Our products are unique and collected from all over the States and Mexico, made by our carpenters, artisans, ranchers, pottery artists, weavers, painters and many other talented people. The different cultural backgrounds of all these people makes our product mix so unique. Wether you are called a Roughneck Cowboy or a Tree Hugger, you will find a piece of furniture or home decor that suits you.

We run our stores as a big family and we have many customers that became friends. You don’t have to become friends , but we sure want you to be satisfied with any purchase you make in one of our stores, so we will treat you as a friend. If you want to be updated on all our special events, arrival of new inventory, or pop-up sales, leave us a note on our contact page.

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