We temporarily close our stores

Today , Wednesday March 25th 2020 is the last day till further notice that we are open to the public. Boerne, El Paso and New Braunfels were ordered to shut down to ‘flatten the curve’ A understandable but tuff government decision, for your and our safety.

That does not mean we are closed for business, we are a family business and Casa Decor is our home, you just can’t visit us for a while. So we all stay home and take care of each other and work safely behind closed doors.

First plan is to go online with our products. We are going to build our webshop, a milestone for Casa Decor because in 30 years of business we never had one. That’s gonna be exciting!

Curbside pick up at our stores is stil available by appointment and special orders you want to place, we can manage true email. Just send in your simple drawings, we will work them out and give you a quote. We can deliver your online purchases and , of course, the stuff you already ordered!

Email us or call us with your questions and we will get back to you.

We expect to be back soon in our stores, safe and healthy. As we expect our customers to be. Stay safe, keep your distance for now, we will keep you close at heart.

2 thoughts on “We temporarily close our stores”

  1. Hey guys, sorry to hear the news but totally understand the decision, as we all will have to adapt to new rules and guidelines going forward. This is James Lowdermilk checking on the entry table that was ordered and was due to be on the next truck from El Paso. Just wondering if the truck made it in. Anyway call when you can and give us an update. Stay safe and well. Thanks to all.


    1. Hello..yes this whole thing is just horrible. Your table is in El Paso and our store there is also closed. Unfortunately it may be a couple of weeks before we get over there. I’m sorry but will get it to you as quickly as possible. Thank you, stay safe!


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